About Us

Who are we

We are honored to be able to operate this website!


Our story began in 1990, our founder Mr.Lin inspired by the amazing and unique handicraft from his hometown. He decided to bring them to the world with his concept that the objects we use in our space contributes to create a warm and comforting felling of home.

Over the past 30 years, we developed into a leading company, who emphasis on producing furniture and home decoration and committed to help people to create a better life.

home decor

Our Mission:

To create a HOME where people will be having a great life, instead of just a living place.


Owning our own factories and laboratories allow us to ensure that:
Over 30 years of furniture development and production experience.
Young design team always ready to giving creative design and we are able to turn it into reality
-Exceptional Quality
All products are using finest materials sourced by ourselves.
The process of making a product includes sourcing, manufacturing and whole supply chain are transparency.
We evaluate each factory according to the factors such as fair wages, reasonable hours and working environment, etc.

We look forward to listening to your valuable opinions. In fact, we cherish every customer who comes to buy or browse our website. So everyone can share their thoughts through the customer service email, customer service phone number or comments on the product detail page below. Please trust us, we will work hard for your satisfaction.